1win Aviator Strategy

Aviator game is one of the online casino game titles you can play at the official 1win website that accepts different tactics and strategies for playing aviator game.

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Remember that slots usually allow a minimal incidence of the player since he will only be limited to spinning the reels and waiting for what luck has in store for him. In this case, the user's role changes completely since he has the power to decide when he closes his bet to end the game.

That is why it is interesting for the player to take into account a series of well-defined tactics and strategies. However, we remember and insist that there is NO strategy that ensures success or profits since it's all generated by a random number generator. This is an online game of chance like any other, and the luck factor is decisive. Of course, we believe that it is better to play with a plan than to do it crazy. Players can find several strategies and tactics to play Aviator at 1win online casino:

Conservative strategy in the Aviator game

Conservative tactics are the ones that will give you the least risk of ending the online game session with a loss. In this type of strategy, the player risks little to try to gradually make profits without putting a lot of money at stake and practically without speculating while waiting for a high multiplier.

The simplest example of strategy is usually to invest a fixed amount of money that will depend on what you want to put at stake and not play too much with speculation. The game, on its website, considers that closed bets for less than x1.20 do not usually provide profitability, so it would be a good idea to wait until approximately x1.50 to close in the first rounds. And if these go well for you, maybe later it's time to speculate a little more.

Balanced Tactics for Playing Aviator

One of the most interesting balanced tactics to play the aviator game is to make two bets and have the first one exclusively cover expenses.

For example, a player bets $20 in the form of two $10 bets. The tactic would be to wait to get to X2 and close the first bet to cover expenses. And the next thing will be to speculate with the second bet, closing when it reaches a higher value.

Riskiest strategies in Aviator

The riskiest strategies to play Aviator do not need to be explained in detail because you can imagine them. If you want to play a more risky style of play, you will simply have to wait longer to close your bets. Of course, we recommend that if you are a user who prefers the risky mode, make the lowest bets to put your balance at less risk.

In this case, you will be able to take into account some notions of probability. In general, betting games with very high multipliers that can approach or exceed x100 tend to happen very rarely (about once an hour). For example, on the Aviator website, game reviews point out that only in 1 game out of every 250 rounds, the multiplier amounts to 200X.

On the official page and aviator app itself, they assure that the most frequent multipliers are x2, x3, and x4. Although you already know that this is in the hands of chance, anything can happen in each game.